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Why Choose Andy?

Improve Your All Round Angling Ability

If you've never fished before, I can offer you an enjoyable and memorable introduction to the sport. If you are a match fisherman (whether experienced or novice) I can teach you how to win more matches.

If you are a specimen hunter, I can show you new tactics and methods to help you catch bigger and better fish! All methods, rigs, baits venues catered for.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Fishing Tuition - Everybody Welcome

Countless match wins on the open match scene on all methods and on all types of waters. Oh and have I mentioned I'm the 2016 Fish'O'Mania winner & 3 times in succession Kamasan Matchman of the year, including youngest Kamasan Matchman ever!

Friendly and welcoming (no secrets), all levels and abilities welcome.

I am regularly featured in: Anglers Mail, Angling Times, Match Fishing, Improve Your Coarse Fishing, Advanced Pole Fishing, Angling Times Advance!

Just read my testimonials to see what other anglers think of my fishing coaching.

I cater for all methods including pole, rod, waggler etc.


  • I have been fishing for over 20 years and struggled to win amatch. My normal weights were around 15lb, this was instantly transformed into 40-50lb, after a day out with Andy May!

    Gary Dennis


  • Excellent fishing and top quality coaching. I very much appreciated all your help. I have written to Angling Times. I hope they publish it.

    Ian Stripp

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Fishing Tips

Fishing Carp

Carp tend to prefer dead maggots, and they attract less attention from silver fish. In warmer weather carp will intercept a falling bait quite readily. In colder water there is a lot to be gained by making very small lifts and drops with the hook bait. These little movements will often be enough to induce a fish to take the bait.

Carp often feed close in, right up against the bank. Next time you are fishing a carp water, try laying your tackle just a couple of inches from the bank - you will be surprised how often it works.

Using Casters

Dark casters are the best shade to use on the hook as their buoyancy helps to counter the weight of the hook, allowing the caster to sink naturally.

Fishing Chub

When targeting chub in commercial still waters you need to feed heavily at the beginning of the session then cut down as it continues.

When it comes to targeting stillwater chub, there is no better tool to use than the waggler float, especially in really clear water conditions.

Choppy Conditions

For choppy conditions, a long float is more stable and, as a waggler is attached to the mainline bottom end only, the longer the float, the further under the water your mainline will be. This stops the float being blown out of the swim by a crosswind

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